Thank you to WBRW for taking the time and allowing me to discuss my candidacy for re-election. Please take three minutes and watch what I had to say.

I do believe with my business experience in the private sector for 30 years, my involvement in the community with dozens of non-profits and charities, my personal experiences, education, and experience in Lansing getting bills passed and not voting for tax increases, that I am a very strong candidate for re-election.

I would like to make it very clear that I did not vote for a tax increase when it came to the roads. Citizens voted NO on Prop 1 and I listened. I was a strong NO vote to raising taxes.

I voted NO on the additional money to Detroit Public Schools and all the mandates the proposed legislation put on teachers. I feel there was not a proper plan for how the money would be spent and how DPS would move forward without needing more funds above and beyond what they already get per student.

Finally I am the co-sponsor for transparency legislation which would increase transparency in all levels of government. This transparency legislation would include both the legislative and executive branches in State government. Again, the legislation applies to all levels of government.

I appreciate all the calls, emails, texts, and correspondence with so many in the district. Together we are getting things done for our district, county, and state and making for a brighter tomorrow for all families.

Peter J. Lucido

Hello and welcome, my name is Peter J. Lucido. Thank you for visiting my website dedicated to the residents of the Townships of Shelby, Washington, Bruce, and the Village of Romeo. As your State Representative, I look forward to humbly serve the residents of the 36th District in Lansing.

I serve on the following committees in Lansing:

  • Judiciary - Vice Chair
  • Energy Policy
  • Financial Services
  • Criminal Justice.

I have spent some time studying other legislator's websites and have compiled a list of what I believe will be useful tools and information. I will continually add valuable content such as newsletters, publications, announcements, and useful links to this website.

This website will include information that relates to Lansing, Macomb County, and the 36th District. I have also included resource links that focus on families which includes our senior citizens and veterans. In addition, there are several contact forms that will make it easier to communicate directly with me.

Thank you again for visiting my website and I look forward to humbly and proudly serving you as your State Representative.


Peter J. Lucido


September, 2016
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August, 2016
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